Our Ashtrays

A well-constructed ashtray is the perfect accessory for enhancing your smoking experience. A beautiful and functional ashtray allows you to make the most of each and every cigar. Wolfhound Cigar Lounge offers a selection of ashtrays in a variety of materials, shapes, and sizes, to meet your specific needs. With the right selection for every budget, our ashtrays will exceed your expectations.

Stinky Ashtrays

Don’t be fooled by the brand name, there is nothing ‘stinky’ about these beautifully crafted ashtrays. Well-known for their superior ash capacity, these are perfect for the cigar-lover that likes to go weeks, and even months, before emptying the trays.

Car Ashtrays

Wolfound Cigar Lounge carried cigar ashtrays as a must-have accessory for true cigar aficionados. These ashtrays are designed and engineered to function perfectly while you’re on the go. Designed by true enthusiasts, these are the perfect gift for those passionate about cigars.