Cigars 101

Are you going from a cigar enthusiast to a cigar aficionado? We can help you achieve the next level of cigar smoking knowledge and satisfaction. Cigars are all about trial and error with a splash of information and adventure thrown in. Why not set yourself up for success by learning all you can about cigars? We all start off as novice cigar smokers and build our foundation with information and by smoking a wide repertoire of cigars.

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Selecting a Cigar

Deciding what cigar is right for you can be a time consuming and sometimes complicated process, especially if you are just starting to discover the cigar-smoking world and its traditions. To those just starting out, be adventuresome and try different cigars.

Cigar Glossary

Cigars are truly an art form, complete with their own language and culture. Our cigar glossary offers the most common terms associated with cigars, smoking, and pipe tobacco. Become the expert among cigar enthusiasts!

Lighting a Cigar

Our lighter tips allow you to safely light each stick with ease. From lighting to adjusting the flame, we’ll have you enjoying each puff until it’s time to extinguish… then we’ll help you with that, too.