Is there anything better than a round of golf with a fine cigar? At Wolfhound Cigar Lounge, we don’t think so. We carry everything you need to enjoy a fairway stogie. Our curated golf-friendly products keep your cigars close, safe, and portable.

Delight the cigar-loving golfer in your life with one of Wolfhound Cigar Lounge’s accessories today.

Portable humidors

Our travel humidors keep your fine cigars fresh and fit perfectly into your golf bag. We have humidors specifically crafted to be low-profile in your golf bag, so you can store your cigars with confidence.


Cart Clips

Worried about what to do with your cigar while you play? Our cigar clips safely hold your cigar in place, so you can play worry-free. These clips fasten easily to a golf cart, to keep you smoking on-the-go.


Cigar Holders

Don’t set your cigar on the ground! Our cigar holders allow you to easily clip your cigar onto your bag for truly portable smoking on the course.