Pipe smoking isn’t as simple as lighting some tobacco and inhaling. Pipe smoking is a lifestyle that comes from mastering a refined skill and paying attention to detail. At Wolfhound Cigar Lounge, we understand the craftsmanship, artistry, and skills that come with smoking pipes.

Pipes Offered

Are you a pipe expert? The team at Wolfhound Cigar Lounge totally understands how important having good-quality pipes, tobacco, and accessories is to the entire smoking experience.

Pipe Tobacco

Our selection of smoking tobacco allows each pipe-smoking personality to find something he or she will enjoy. From dark and sultry blends to hoppy and citrus aromas, our smoking tobacco variety truly has an option for everyone.

Pipe Accessories

Our pipe accessories allow you to enjoy your pipe and pipe tobacco to their very fullest. This curated collection of cleaners, lighters, and ashtrays enhance the smoking experience for the best drag you’ve ever had.