Pipes Offered

Pipes Offered

Are you a pipe expert? The team at Wolfhound Cigar Lounge totally understands how important having good-quality pipes, tobacco, and accessories is to the entire smoking experience. Our collection of beautifully crafted pipes allow you to make the most out of your tobacco for a soothing smoking experience.

Peterson Pipes

An Irish brand, Peterson pipes offer shapes and styles to reflect each smoker’s personal preference. From the traditional stem to the acclaimed Peterson “p-lip,” each pipe offers benefits based on individual tastes. These pipes make wonderful collectibles.

Savinelli Pipes

A long-standing family business, Savinelli is a brand that beautifully combines function and style. While their craftsmanship remains as in-tact as it was in 1876, Savinelli now offers modern shapes for the more progressive smokers. From traditional to trendy, Savinelli pipes are sure to please even the most discerning pipe lover.

Basket Pipes

Basket pipes allow for more novice smokers to explore the world of smoking tobacco without a financial sacrifice. These accessible and affordable pipes offer function and durability at a fraction of the price of competitors. While not collectibles, these are certainly worthy of giving a try.